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Sr. Data Center Operations Manager

International Keynote Speaker

Climate Reality Leader


Kevin Kent

Kevin Kent continues to be recognized throughout the United States and internationally as a leader in data center energy efficiency. He has an affiliation with several United States environmental foundations and is a Climate Reality Leader. For his commitment to improve global data center energy efficiency, decrease carbon footprint, and protect our environment, both nationally and internationally, Kevin was selected to serve on the international Data Center Institute Board of Directors, where he continues his focus on improving energy efficiency.  He has been featured in several tech magazines, blogs, webinars, and live podcasts.


In 2019 Kevin was invited to be a keynote speaker at many conferences in the United States and internationally including an invitation to present at the United Nations data center.  His purpose in speaking is to create greater awareness of our climate emergency, global data center energy consumption, and provide education on how to achieve data center energy efficiency without sacrificing overall health or reliability of the facility.  He will continue his global travels, creating awareness and providing education, throughout 2020.


When Kevin is not traveling he can be found working in many data centers, putting into practice the same techniques he shares during his presentations, helping others gain efficiency in their data center and reduce their carbon footprint. His commitment to heal and protect our environment can be seen in many ways but none more visible than his donations to environmental foundations where thousands of trees have been planted as an incentive to data center owners who significantly reduce their data center carbon footprint.

Innovating Data Center Operations

Achieves Best Outcomes: Modernization, Cost Savings, Energy Efficiency

Agile and action oriented leader who maximizes robust Data Center Operations Management, IT Infrastructure, Learning & Development and Leadership career to create exceptional results. Drives continuous improvement initiatives as trusted business partner to leaders, customers and contributors.  Creates high performance operations and teams. Listens to learn, understands customer objectives that impact business to develop effective business solutions.


Skilled communicator who excels in conveying vision, expressing passion and mentoring excellence.

``Kevin’s strongest point is taking something technically difficult and putting into a language that a regular person with no technical skills understands.” · Jeff Wilkins (former CIO) ·

Delivers High ROI Results – Within2 Years Will Achieve 51% Reduction In:

Carbon footprint by 1.96 tons | KW consumption by 3,241,200 kw/h

$1.3M cost savings and additional $1.25M through extended life of cooling equipment

1/2017 – PUE = 2.49

KW used – 6,307,200 kw/hh

Annual Cost – $630, 720/ year

Carbon Footprint – 3.815 Tons

11/2018 – PUE = 2.33

KW used – 5,264,760 kw/h

Annual Cost – $526,476/ year

Carbon Footprint – 3.184 Tons

Current – PUE = 1.31

KW used – 4,099,680 kw/hr

Annual Cost – $409,968/ year

Carbon Footprint – 2.480 Tons

Projected PUE = 1.25 6/2020

KW used – 3,066,000 kw/hr

Annual Cost – $306,600  year

Carbon Footprint – 1.854 Tons

Professional Experience

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Jan 2003 – Present

Senior Systems Engineer | Data Center Operations Manager

Chosen lead for largest single IT project within Medical Center due to robust background in customer-centric software development, breadth and depth of data center environment, power and cooling and Microsoft expertise. Elevated to full ownership of data center from business partnerships, matrix team leadership to operations.


  • Instrumental in the architecture and operational control of data center

From a dilapidated 500k sq ft/80kW site to state of the art facility

  • Created disaster recovery plans and devised formula for power, cooling and logistics planning

Calculated users, systems, usage and growth | formula now delivers to data center industry standards

  • Increased data center usage and transitioned business partners into internal advocates

On-site policies, projects & security education | created colocation setting for zero impact to their budget

  • Strengthen value proposition and continuous improvement collaborating with business partners

Integrate their ideas into practices | Infuse latest technology and practices to best suits their needs

  • Created data center power, cooling, equipment and monitoring policies, standards and procedures.
  • Supports organizational growth managing IT/application support, disaster recovery and backup plans

Including various expansions including upcoming $2B hospital to replace two existing centers

  • Enhance enterprise business relationships by meeting needs within data center standards

Provide hardware, application and security needs to professionals conducting $10M FDA research

  • Leverage active membership of AFCOM to create strong network of industry experts

Rich source of resources and knowledge | Share information daily for solid business decision making

  • Overcame obstacle of zero budget for data center staff by launching matrix time sharing for staff:

Leverage analysts across multiple disciplines |Maximize staff and efficiency of data center operations

  • Accelerated performance and commitment of virtual team by empowering with ownership

Visit hospital noting IT and room amenities | Translates to data center’s impact on patient experience

  • Connect with, motivate and challenge staff daily to create workplace satisfaction and purpose

Create incubator for talent | Four monitoring staff elevated to application supervisors and server engineers

  • Selected to present white paper (co-author) at prestigious AFCOM global conference

Demonstrated continuous improvement at high ROI data center production model | Published March, 2018

  • Created process and presented to leadership evaluating where and why most energy is used:

Quantifies energy inefficiency, power and cooling needs | Predictive model generates ROI in months

  • Directed migration of 11 separate email platforms into single Microsoft exchange; designed project plan, budget and hired 6 professionals to manage project

$500k budget | Fulfilled in 24 months | Migrated ~300 terabytes (TB) without single byte of data lost

  • Prior to and throughout project, earned trust of department and hospital leadership

Demonstrated benefits through pre-live hands-on testing | Comprehensive education and support

  • Continued to support clients after migration by developing full email support staff

Email team grew to 25-30 | First skill specific team in IT | The model for outward built teams

  • Completed year and half Tier III cradle to grave support ownership of server/backend equipment

Evaluation and installation of equipment to power and exchange application management 

  • Presented Energy Efficiency stratigies at the United Nations Technology Center
“Everyone from the CEO down loves Kevin because he treats them with respect and dignity and earns their trust… and that is why Kevin is successful.” · IT Director, Ohio State University ·

Previous Experience

Business Analyst, Qwest Communications, 1998 – 2003 |Business Analyst III, Huntington National Bank, 1995 – 1998


Certified Data Center Professional – Certification Date Jul 2013 – Present License 99131101017453

Title Positive Psychology – Certification Date Sep 2017 – Present License CVUAVGQTHHQY

Climate Reality Leader – Certification Date August 2019

FMCI/CMCO – Foundations of Mission Critical Facilities/Certified Mission Critical Operator