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Data Center Optimization

The Time To Act Is Now

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Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions (CFES) is a global data center industry energy efficiency and sustainability consultancy service.  Our mission is to create data driven cost effective environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.  Our data analytics process does not require capital funding and consists of an assessment, planning and review of captured data, and remediation plan, providing our client’s with a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy, leading to significant savings. We work very closely with local service providers enrolling our clients in any and all available energy efficiency rebate programs.  Becoming energy efficient and sustainable makes commercial sense as much as it does environmentally. It is very possible to have a highly efficient data center without affecting the overall health and reliability of a facility.

What can CFES do for our Planet?

Data Center Assessment

Data Center Assessment

▪️ Phase I – Power & Cooling Assessment

▪️ Phase II – Remediation

▪️ Phase III – Maintenance Plan

Standards & Metrics

Standards & Metrics

▪️ Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

▪️ American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)


Microgrids & Software Defined Power Systems

The age of digitalization is here and CFES is partnered with the global leader in developing microgrids and currently deploying at the largest academic medical institution in the United States.


UPS Solutions

Uninterruptable power supply solutions are a key component in keeping a data center online.


E-recycling & Zero Waste

Ttrack and destroy, data reconciliation and destruction, and a commitment to zero waste into the ground backed by several ISO certifications including ISO14001


Training & Certification

CFES is currently contracted with two global data center companies providing a full offering of data center training and certification.

Uptime Stats


The average global data center PUE in 2018 was 1.58


Forecast for 2019 is approximately 1.567

There are many Things

to Change

The difference of energy use for the global data center market at the actual 1.567 PUE versus
the target 1.35 PUE is about 57 billion kW hours, or $7.5 billion at $0.13 per kW hour

In the U.S., with data centers consuming roughly 90 billion kW hours annually, the higher PUE
resulting from failure to implement airflow management best practices will cost U.S. data
center owners nearly
$1 billion dollars for 12.5 billion kW hours of wasted energy at an
average $0.08 per kW hour resulting in approximately
110,000 tons of carbon emissions


Target PUE 1.35

Data center energy estimated at 416 billion kW hours, at a 1.567 PUE, close to 150 billion kW
hours will be used for something other than IT equipment

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